Oblivion: Cyrodiil at Double Scale

These are screenshots taken from a proof of concept mod; it is the scaled up version of the exterior world in TES4:Oblivion (Cyrodiil), enlarged to double-scale (100 square miles), including all exterior placed objects (architecture, trees, NPCs etc). This means 4x the surface area to rebuild cities and other settlements on and mountains that stretch to 1.5km high.

I've written three programs to produce the automated scaling:

  • TESAnnwyn (new version imminent): Produced the re-scaled, textured landscape.
  • TES4Scale (unreleased): Used to enlarge the placement data and scale of all objects.
  • TES4qLOD: has been used to produce the DistantLand textures and DistantObject data.

    You can download the scaled mod (Landscape ESP, object ESP and LOD files) from the following 2 links:

    1. Tamrielx2-1.7z (Landscape ESP: 216Mb)
    2. Tamrielx2-2.7z (Placement ESP & LOD files: 75Mb)

    Some of these pics include the DistantLOD objects (trees and architecture) while others do not - sometimes not having distant objects helps show up the lie of the land. Some shots are also available of a triple scale landscape (without placed content).

  • The Arena District. Actually that guard is a giant 2x scale too, but the horse and rider aren't.

    Monuments fit for an Imperial capital.

    The Imperial City takes up 4x the surface area.

    With walls thse size of a real Imperial Capital.

    The river north of the Imperial City Island.

    Plains look much more impressive when spread out. (Yes - top-left is a vanilla ConstructionSet LOD mesh error in the distance, fixable by restarting the CS and regenerating it).

    The Palace tower is huge (AFAIR approx 800m?)

    At last, a sense of scale, yet that snow cap is still quite low in the overall mountain range.

    Every worldspace exterior object is included, including child worldspaces, but this includes things that shouldn't normally be activated.

    Bruma, nestled in the mountains.

    High in the mountains. There are more behind too which I hadn't generated the DistantLand LOD for.

    The base of that tower is huge.

    Although trees and rocks are more spread out, it notices less because grass is just as dense.

    And you can still enjoy a good stroll miles from the capital.

    Yes mummy, but I just can't reach!

    The mid-range mountains near Bruma - without any objects.

    El riveria.


    Without any objects it's still nice to roam around - it goes on for ages.


    A nice windy path.


    Cloud Ruler Temple.

    On top of the world - Bethesda gave the game stunning lighting effects.

    A really big lighthouse.

    Space Comparisons

    The following Construction Set shots show the original 1x scale Imperial City on the 2x, 3x and 4x scaled up landscapes.

    Double Scale: 4x the surface area

    2x: Double scale means 4x the area.

    2x: The outer wall of the 1x IC now only stretches to the outer containing wall of the palace district.

    Triple Scale: 9x the surface area


    3x: The outer wall of the 1x IC now only stretches to middle of the palace gardens.

    Quadruple Scale: 16x the surface area

    4x: The outer wall of the 1x IC now only stretches to the pavement (sidewalk) surrounding the palace!

    4x: One hell of a load of cells to fill; and lots of settlements to do it for over a 1000sq mile landscape.

    Paul Halliday (aka Lightwave)