Oblivion: Cyrodiil at Triple Scale

These are screenshots taken to test how well the exterior world of TES4:Oblivion (Cyrodiil) scales whilst still maintaining realism. It has been enlaged to 3x scale, meaning 250 square miles and over 66,000 cells with the highest mountain reaching to 2.25Km! The surface area is 9x the original. You can see some shots of the Double Scale version.

Most of the first shots include content, the remaining ones show off the landscape better. There can be no doubt that 3x placed content is unusable. For entertainment only, I've also generated the 4x landscape & placement (the heightmap and texture layer files take up over 8.5Gb alone - the 1000 sq mile landscape contains 276,276 cells and is takes up 260 quads - more than the CS Heightmap editor can show in the overview window). I'll post shots of that when I've generated the LOD ...

In some places the ConstructionSet cannot generate the LOD because the "terrain is too complex" (!). Time for me to write that LOD mesh generator ...

Inside the Arena (the exterior model) - at 9x looks more the size of the interior worldspace.

Thrill seekers can launch themselves from the dizzy heights ...

TES4 does weird wide-angle things with the FOV perspective ... if you look there's a normal sized guard at the base of the right column.

Watch you don't get stamped on, on the way in guys. (The double-door is the difference between the parent and child worldspaces - they don't really line up.)

Jeepers creeps ...

No, I can take you - you're all scale and no stats!

But I'd rather look at the scenery ...

Actually no, this looks fine from a short distance back ...

... maybe not.

"Price winning pumpkins, Mrs. Arkwright, that's what that is ..."

The distance is too great to show the whole city's LOD.

Yeah I can see that ...

Or get carted round Cyrodiil in a crate.

The IC is looking sizable. Shame about the haze.

Mountain Paths more like real life in size.

Looking a little patchy, but this is also TES4qLOD at lowest resolution and not texture blending the layers, so it can look better.

The CS can't generate LOD up at this height! Pity - it'd be good for fly-bys ...

At last, you don't walk off Kvatch and end up in Anvil (that's Anvil in the distance seen from the rock of Kvatch).


Anvil. Some LOD bugs in the water.

From Kvatch towards Skingrad; there'll be a town on the far sides of that mist.

Space Comparisons

The following Construction Set shots show the original 1x scale Imperial City on the 2x, 3x and 4x scaled up landscapes.

Double Scale: 4x the surface area

2x: Double scale means 4x the area.

2x: The outer wall of the 1x IC now only stretches to the outer containing wall of the palace district.

Triple Scale: 9x the surface area


3x: The outer wall of the 1x IC now only stretches to middle of the palace gardens.

Quadruple Scale: 16x the surface area

4x: The outer wall of the 1x IC now only stretches to the pavement (sidewalk) surrounding the palace!

4x: One hell of a load of cells to fill; and lots of settlements to do it for over a 1000sq mile landscape.

Paul Halliday (aka Lightwave)